Why choose a Timber Garage Door?

 At Retlaw Gutters & Garage Door Systems all our timber doors are made entirely from Western Red Cedar, the ideal timber for exterior use in maritime climates due to its unique rot-resistant cellular structure. As a completely natural product, you can expect a range of rich colour shades and different grain patterns in your timber door.

Find out all about our timber garage door range below.

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Timber Garage Doors Finish

Timber doors are shipped unfinished, base stained with Sikkens water based wood stain, allowing you to finish your door in a variety of stain and paint colours. Sections are supplied as primed Western Red Cedar and must be finished using Sikkens "BL31" water based wood stain.

icon for Security & Convenience

Security & Convenience

We recommend our timber doors are installed with the LiftMaster LM1000 door opener model. This opener has a massive 1000 newtons of pulling force which is ideal for larger & heavier doors. In addition to convenience there is also the benefit of increased security against forced entry as the door opener acts as a positive lock.

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Window Options

Timber doors can also be tailored to your individual requirements and can be designed to incorporate window options. Like our doors we only use the best products available to complement our special process. For this reason we use stainless steel windows with tempered glass.

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Handcrafted Garage Doors

Each of our timber sectional garage doors requires well over twenty-five hours of work by a skilled craftsman to complete. All of our doors is constructed in this manner because it's crucial to giving these special garage doors longevity.

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Made to fit, Precisely

Your timber garage door is bespoke, we measure, and measure again, and then check it one more time to be certain it's the perfect fit. Choose from one of our most popular designs, send us a drawing or sketch it out on the back of an envelope...we've produced fine doors from the most humble ideas.

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Draught-Proof garage doors

Full perimeter robust weather seals ensures there is a draught proof barrier to prevent rain, debris and vermin from entering your garage - ideal for integrated garages.

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